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Why Do We Love Outdoor Experiences?


As a young child sitting outside in my back yard on a summer’s evening looking up at the stars and listening to the rhythmic chirp of the cicadas, I’ve always loved being outdoors – something about it just clears the mind.  I've developed a great appreciation for cycling, hiking and backpacking.  I remember the excitement of my first scouting campout with my sons, sleeping in a tent in the crisp night air and waking up to the morning dew with songbirds all around us.  Somehow, it’s not quite the same as crashing in bed at night and slamming the alarm clock in the morning.  You can pack more in a day being outside than spending the day doing chores at home. 

From the aroma of applewood or cherrywood smoldering on the campfire to the view of the morning mist hovering in the valley below, nothing invigorates the mind and spirit better than enjoying the great outdoors.

I recall hiking my first segment of the Appalachian Trail in New Jersey, which seems to always begins with hiking UP.  But it’s always worth the effort. While admiring the vast panoramic view from the ridge of the AT it’s often hard to believe you’re still in New Jersey. The flora and fauna are a sight to see.  Including the occasional snake warming on a rock or black bear searching for a leftover marshmallow from the fire pit.

I have always appreciated the sights and sounds when cycling on the backroads of New Jersey.  The scenery can change from a suburban development to a quaint rustic town to horse farms and tree-lined streets, all in a single day’s ride. When cycling to the Sandy Hook Lighthouse or down the shore through the towns leading to Cape May, every town you pass through has a character all its own. The sounds of the boardwalk and beach and the sweet aroma of the ocean air just makes you enjoy life.

The Great Outdoors Trading Post invites you to load up the backpack, tie up your hiking boots, and hit a trail – any trail – for a day hike or even a weekend excursion.  Or put on your cycling helmet, safety vest, and cycling gloves, and explore backstreets you’ve never been down before. There’s always a treasure in those little hidden corners.

Regardless of the type of outdoor experience you choose, don’t just look down at the trail or the road in front of you . . . look ahead and look around.  That’s where the fun is!  You wouldn’t want to miss the beauty of your surroundings.  It’s very much the journey that counts.

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